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Poetry & Writings

"Life is a garden with beautiful flowers and just a few weeds." 


Thanks for Stopping by

This website is to share my writings and poetry and also to hear your insights about our crazy journeys around the sun.  I have survived both a major spinal injury and cancer, and live through gratitude.Now, relax, enjoy the poetry, and y'all play nice with each other! Our life journey is crazy, but better when we travel together.

Who is JF Bierlein?

J.F. Bierlein is a writer, business coach, consultant, winemaker, gourmet cook, husband, Baba, Dede, Unka, Spur Fan,, and part-time poet living in San Antonio, TX. 


During his long and totally fun life, he has worked on Capitol Hill, taught as an Adjunct Professor for 10 years, worked as a consultant in a wonderful firm for the past two decades, and loves to reflect on life and read the reflections of others.  He speaks seven languages...well six and a half, because he is still working on Turkish. 


He has written three published books, including Parallel Myths, traveled widely, especially loves Istanbul, and keeps in touch with friends around the world.  He is the Chair of the Monte Azul Foundation, which supports sustainable agriculture, youth employment, and training in rural Puerto Rico. 


William E. Paden

Chair, Department of Religion, University of Vermont

"Unusually accessible and useful . . . An eye-opener to readers into the universality and importance of myth in human history and culture."

John G. Selby

Associate Professor, Roanoke College

“A first-class introduction to mythology . . . Written with great clarity and sensitivity.”
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