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A Cure for Emptiness

Sometimes emptiness just creeps up.

When I feel empty,

But if I honestly look inside, what do I see?

I think of those I love and those who love me,

And my heart fills up.

When I think about what I want

But do not have,

I can look at what I do have,

Realize that I have more than I need,

Then my heart becomes so full that it overflows,

And I must share with others.

When I think of lies that I have believed, told, or repeated,

Particularly lies I have told myself,

I realize that I know the truth and lies melt like snow,

In the warm recognition

And my heart enters a new spring.

When I think of my disappointments, unrealized potential, and unrealized dreams,

I think that I hold today in my hand and that is itself a dream come true.

As my heart fills up, I know--

That the greatest lie I have ever told myself

Is that I am empty.

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