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Affection: Happy Valentine's Day!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

What is love and what is affection?

It is amazing!

If you take a genuine interest in someone else’s life

They often take a genuine interest in yours!

That could be love

Hmm. . .

Or it could be affection.

If you are kind without expectation of repayment

They are usually kind back, sometimes not.

That could be love or affection, while it lasts.


If you love someone, it can break your heart,

But the chances are quite good that it will be put back together

And mended with the cement of love

Mere affection doesn’t do that.


So, then what is affection?

Affection is looking at someone


Some experience

And seeing a reflection of a jewel

That you carry in your heart

A locket that contains

That which matter most to you.


Is what you feel when it matters

Really matters to you.

Affection is what brings a smile

While love has the seeds of a sigh or a tear.

Affection is what affects you,

But love is what transforms you.

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