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Baltimorese Love Song

Danny ayshin on da cayste

Lived da girl I loved da mayste

It warn’t just kissin’ and huggin’ and grabbin’

We spint maste of our time fishin’ and crabbin

One day I called and said to her “Hon

Less fish onna bate when yer work is done”

She said, “I’d be delighted to come

And get us some rawkfish, some grouper, or drum

An while we was cuttin’ up our bait

I said we was brought together by fate

My lovin; heart was swellin’ inside

And would she agree to be my bride?

She looked at me an then cleared her thrate

“I don’t love you, just your fishin’ bate

So nay, I will never be your mate.

Just shut up and cut up summor bait.”

I was devastated and silently cried

As my romance was swept out wit da tide.

But she changed her mind! And then said “Yes.”

When I caught us some rawkfish sure to impress.

Now we live onna Eastin Shore

‘Bout an airnahaff outta Ball-a-mer

We’re happy with two kids and a dawg.

And we still go crabbin’

When there ain’t no fawg.

Da tidal pools is still whirlin’

Widda best crabs inna State of Murlin.

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