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Betrayed by the Cedar Waxwing

You love a bird and it turns out to be a complete phony.

No wonder he wears a mask.

I had, at least, I thought I had…

A very special relationship with a little bird called the cedar waxwing,

Since they seem to like me, or so I thought.

I thought that cedar waxwings liked me as a person,

But then I learned they only liked me because I had fruit in my yard.

And then, I thought it was so poetic that they were monogamous,

And mated for life.

I even saw how it appeared that one cedar waxwing died when its mate expired.

So poignant, so beautiful that I almost cried.

But that was rubbish too. They conned me. Total sham.

Turns out that they are monogamous, all right, but just for the mating season.

Then they play the field again.

Go clubbing and find another hookup.

Like most of Hollywood.

But I am not surprised that they are so shallow.

After all, they only loved me for my fruit.

Give me a vulgar, but honest blue jay or mockingbird any day.

Even something with the morals of a grackle.

Take that waxwing! Enjoy the fruit.

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