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Biz yıldız tozundan yapıldık. We are made of stardust.

My friend said that we are made of stardust.

Physics says this is true, as all the elements in our bodies came from stars and may have passed though bright supernovas.

I was taught that we were made of clay,

But perhaps it was clay mixed with stardust.

This explains everything.

We are creatures of clay—fallible and cracking.

We can melt into nothingness under certain circumstances like clay.

We come apart in life and are reshaped.

But there is stardust in there too.

And within the clay, there is something that yearns for the stars

And dreams higher than the clay.

Reaching for the stars

As both source and home.

The myths speak of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

And we are their children.

But within us still is the spark of a supernova

That nothing can extinguish.

Like clay animated by the Divine breath,

Sprinkled with stardust,

There are memories of what we were once

And whence we came.

And our true being lights the night sky

Of the troubled soul

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