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Civil Discourse on the Concourse

Rancor is when shout is met with shout

Judgment clashes with judgment

Law clashes with gospel

Justice clashes with mercy

Self-righteousness confused with righteousness

Or more likely, a very selective righteousness with true righteousness.

Selective righteousness proclaims what one is not,

Hoping that others will not see what one IS.

“Different” is hammered into meaning “wrong.’

Conformity is hammered into a mould of “rightness.”

But all is not lost.

When shout is met with shout, there is noise, not dialogue.

When law and gospel meet, there is justice and mercy

When righteousness includes love, it becomes righteous

The different becomes beautiful,

The society is beauty.

When all agree to conform to kindness

Shouting stops.

Stop shouting.

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