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Finding Treasure (Beyoğlu. Istanbul 2023)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

When I close my eyes, I think of the happy moments when I was a boy,

Finding treasures.

It may have been finding a fossil in a cool, flowing creek bed.

Once I found a very old coin on a barn floor.

Or maybe an arrowhead sticking up out of a freshly plowed field.

Or perhaps finding a unique shell at the seashore.

I remember my excitement and how carefully I saved those treasures,

Many of which I still have and cherish sixty years later.

Since then, so many things have conspired to make me overlook such treasures

And dull that sense of excitement.

But as I grow old and my eyes aren’t as sharp,

I now find myself surrounded by new treasures to discover

And feel the same, or even a greater enthusiasm than I did as a boy.

Oh, I still find little treasure to pick up in the world around me,

But the greater treasure that brings the greater joy

Is to be found in the eyes of those around me,

A treasure deposited by God,

For even on crowded city streets

The spark, rarity, and beauty of this treasure

Can be readily seen

If you only open your eyes.

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