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Forgiveness Contains "Give"

Forgiveness has the word “give” in it.

But who “gives” to whom?

After all, the object of forgiveness is given tp someone who has taken from us already.

Even if it is our own selves.

So, who gives what to whom?

Why give to someone who has already taken?

The word “forgiveness” contains the word “give”

Because it is a gift.

Forgiveness is a gift that requires no taking.

As we forgive those who trespass against us

They no longer are trespassers on the territory of our time and minds.

It is a trespass on the real estate of the mind!

To forgive is to give yourself the gift of a new future,

And cut the ropes to the weighty anchors that you have chosen to carry,

Or nurture, or even treasure.

Oh yes, some people hold on to their hurts as if they are diamonds,

And polish them, and save them, and even take them out to examine a new.

But the never increase in value, they only diminish--even poison-- the heart of the bearer.

If you had a dagger, would you stab yourself daily?

You may bleed a little at a time, but it could eventually kill you?

If you had lead anchors, would you tie them to your feet?

To fill oneself with anger empties the soul,

Emptying oneself fills the soul,

And this is the “gift” in forgiveness.

It is the gift you give another, while giving a treasure to yourself.

To forgive is to give yourself and another a gift

To forgive may not heal a relationship,

But it can heal your heart.

Forgive and forget?

Once you have forgiven, truly forgiven,

Who cares to remember?

I forgive and I give to myself.

And thereby pull out a thorn

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