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Going Home to the Desert

The desert sky at night comforts me,

Like the embrace of a family member after a long separation.

It is holy like a church, lofty like a cathedral,

And has a fragrance found nowhere else.

When I  am feeling as if there is too much of too much

Too much noise, too much activity, too much mind clutter,

I close my eyes and think of the desert sky at night.

I do not think of the desert as a wasteland,

But as a retreat, a space that can be all mine.

Or, my love, all ours..

Irony--when my heart feels dry as a desert,

The desert refreshes it.

The night sky in the desert is clean, high, and uncluttered

And the stars can clearly be seen, shining brighter and stronger. 

You feel almost a kinship with the stars, planets, and constellations--

And they are looking down at you.

There is something timeless in the desert.

Now, think of your uncluttered mind as the desert sky

And how high your thoughts can reach

Until your spirit can touch the stars,

We are made of stars,

And it is a family reunion.

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