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I am the intruder.

We watch animals and think. That they may watch us and think better thoughts than we That they cannot express to us. We're too dumb to learn their language. There are mysteries around us That conceal themselves from the busy eye, How does the bee choose which flowers? It buzzes past me Like I drive past a dozen strip malls On my way to do something specific With focused intent and great purpose. Does the bee forget the flowers from which it has already taken nectar? Like I forget where I left my keys and glasses? I read that bees communicate by dancing But when I danced for the bee, he just thought I was stupid. Bees have no need of a zoom call. And do they take a day off? Does the Queen Bee give them bonuses? Do they get more honey or royal jelly for doing especially good work. A burrowing armadillo has only contempt for me; “Your fences do not interest me, two-legged being You cannot confine me.” The little anole lizards skitter up and down the stucco wall Stop and look at me, and have this quizzical look that says “Who is rhe stupid thing that is staring at me? Has it you nothing better to do? It is too big, fat, and clumsy to chase me up the wall.? The anole looks at me to say, “Go easy on the pie, fat boy.” And I saw a deer who really didn’t care That he was walking around in town. He was quite clever-- “Nobody is going to shoot me if I am in a subdivision.” And now a squirrel looks at me, as if to say “Either feed me or stop staring.” There are butterflies, many butterflies in the air That travel to and from Mexico Without visas or bothering to learn either Spanish or English, I think that they flew over the border wall. So, I will speak to them in Turkish, Oops. Didn’t work. Where do birds go when it rains? There is a fat raccoon over there who knows, But he’s not talking. And is the opossum’s thought process like a dial tone? The cats ignore it. Possum is not worthy of their royal gaze. Actually, all the animals are irked that I brought cats into their lives. This may be my yard, If I showed them my deed they would either chew it.. or worse. But actually, this is their yard And they just allow me to sit there.

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