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May Breezes.

A pleasant cool breeze hit my face

Just as April is ending.

Bearing the smell of some flowering bush

But it wasn’t a lilac.

It made me daydream of my home far to the north

Where spring just suddenly burst through with daffodils

And May was the month of lilacs.

Bees start buzzing and blossoms appear.

My birthday is in May, and I associate the smell of lilacs with happiness and love.

I could smell lilacs when I took my first ride on my first bike.

I looked forward to the day of wearing just a jacket and not a coat.

Of wearing sneakers and not boots.

The geese honked about in their V-pattern moving north

As predictable as ever

Taking ancient routes known to them

Long before human eyes wondered at their formation.

Little lambs, calves, and colts made their debuts,

Like long-awaited guests

And the little me loved to be around them. When the neighbor showed me his new lamb,

I petted it and can still imagine the smell of its wool on my hand.

I came south with the geese, never to migrate again.

Geese, flowers, baby lambs, are all indifferent to us.

And there have been countless springs before me,

And there may well be countless springs after me,

But nothing gladdens my heart as the feel of a cool spring breeze

Bearing fragrance.

There it was lilacs

Here it is jasmine and orange blossoms,

The happiness and love are undiminished,

But greater, burnished by the sweetness of memory.

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