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My Ratty Sweater

Fall is here

And out comes my ratty sweater

That I cannot throw out!

It has patches on the elbows

And strings that hang down like Spanish moss.

I believe that Reagan was President

When I bought it.

Or was it a gift?

I can’t remember.

I have worn it to cut grass

To do small engine repairs

(with mixed results).

I have worn it hiking and biking.

It has warded off the chill on several continents.

I was wearing it when I heard that my father had died.

I wore it speaking to my soldier son in Afghanistan

I have laughed in it, cried in it,

Wooed in it and stewed in it.

I am going to put it on to water

The sorry mess that is my garden,

But I won’t throw it out.

It is my flag of victory

Over Life.

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