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Open your eyes to hope

Open your eyes to hope.

Despair is no more than limited sight.

Despair is blindness.

When I felt despair, I was unable to see beyond the immediate darkness.

I could not see that light was coming soon or coming at all.

Despair is landing on the planet at 3:00 am in a desert on a starless night

And believing that is the constant state of being,

Not knowing of the sunrise.

Speaking of being, despair is a negation of the light that is inherent in being.

The light of hope that flickers in the human soul, but is too stubborn to extinguish,

Unless despair is accompanied by a determination to hold on to it.

If there is a God, there cannot be despair.

If there is no God, there cannot be despair after looking into the eyes of a child.

May God keep us from despair.

And may the laughter of children awaken us from the blindness of despair

To see the hope that is always flickering, however, faintly

In even a small corner of the human heart.

My despair was dispelled through a child's laugh

And watching a kitten chase a bug.

Neither of them ever knew despair,

So why should I?

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1 Comment

Joel Blackstock
Joel Blackstock
May 20, 2023


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