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I. Live Oak

The live oak in my yard was there before my parents existed

Before my grandparents existed

And I sit in its shade.

When I am gone, another will sit in its shade.

I wish it could tell me what it has seen.

Its roots defy the drought by reaching down deep.

For it is in the depths that the treasure is hidden.

Immortality is in the depths

And requires reaching down deep.

2. Little Flower

Every spring, the same kinds of little flowers bloom in the same place

They are, of course, not the same little flowers

But they bloom in the same place at the same time

Year in and year out.

Always welcome and beautiful

Fragile, yet sprouting from enduring roots.

We are fragile, but it helps to have enduring roots.

3. Cicada

You sing and sing and then go silent

And rest in the earth

For more than a decade

And then rise to sing again.

Your song carries loud

And is indifferent to the noise of people.

It is my hope to go silent

And to rise again and sing.

Indifferent to the noise.

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