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Summer Contemplation Memory

Today it is hot, mercilessly so

But the smell of the hot earth takes me back

To a time of the same smell

When I was about 14 and it was very hot

I found shade under a huge tree

I believe it was an oak

It cast shade over a wide area

Or so it seemed as I was smaller then.

It was cool and the grass underneath it

Was soft and fragrant

I remember thinking

“Is there any place better than this

Any tree with a better shade?

And I lay down on the grass

And watched the clouds.

I thought, “Is there anything better than this?”

I was so glad to be alive then

And now I know that there is something better.

The memory of that day is better

On this hot day.

The feeling, the smell

And the coolness of the shade in my own yard

And I am even happier to be alive,

Grateful to the heat, the tree, the shade

The smell of hot earth and sweet grass

And the happiness of a memory.

The difference is the discovery of gratitude.

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