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Taking Leave of Friends, They Remain

Seeing friends after an absence,

You realize that closeness is not about geography or time,

That the spaces between us are only incidental,

Because when we meet them, we bring what we share.

The spaces between us are a notion, not a fact;

Not measurable in feet or meters, but in shared laughter.

Like all loves, it is an emotional thread that binds time together,

But contains something timeless.

We may arrive with a shared past but leave with a shared future.

And when absent, we realize that being in distant corners,

Does not necessarily mean being apart.

Because each of us carries a bit of the other with us wherever we go,

Even the last time we part company

There is something in us we shall always carry.

So, if you think about it,

You miss seeing their faces,

But what they gave you in time never fades.

It only seems you have taken leave of them.

And even at the last goodbye, the gifts of their being endure.


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