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The Human Cabochon

A cabochon is a gemstone that has been cleaned, polished, but not faceted,

To be set in a ring or pendant, ideally in its most beautiful setting.

You and I are cabochons, believe it or not.

We started as raw material, perhaps seeming like any other stone,

Muddy and indistinct

Easily Ignored, and hardly distinguishable from the others.

God, fate, or nature (whichever you prefer)

Appears to have snatched us up into its hands for a purpose.

Life, education, augmented by trial and failure provided the tumbling,

Those things of life that cause our tears,

Refine and polish us.

The tumbling and polishing brought out what we are,

And further brought us to a setting where,

If we are our true selves, our soul shines through.

But our polished state is not the highest,

For perhaps we can so order our character, and

So cultivate our best and truest selves,

That the jewel within us can be faceted,

And show forth its highest and best,

Through the multiple facets that constitute a good life.

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