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The Sprouts

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

This poem makes me think of my Turkish "daughter" and teacher. Seda, who seems to cause plants to grow by merely looking at them.

It’s cold outside.

I planted some little tomato and pepper seeds in containers

And placed them in a warm spot on a windowsill.

I watered them and checked every day to see if anything germinated.

When I saw little flecks of green pop up

I was so happy

It surprised me how much this little thing delighted me.

Little sprouts popped up from the seemingly inert earth.

The look like little green stars in a dark night sky--

Like they came out of nowhere.

And they sprouted inside me as well.

For I was reminded that inside my heart and mind--dreams

There are seeds waiting to sprout

Even when my heart feels fallow..,

And who knows what great fruit they will bear.

The sprouts remind me that I too am alive

And greater things can be

However cold the world may be

How ever dark and sterile the grounds of human existence may appear

However hostile the climate outside of me,

I am bearing dreams are waiting to sprout and grow

Until they bear fruit sweeter than any I have known before.

Fruits of love and creativity

Now that you know this,

Find what waits to sprout inside you

Cultivate it

And watch it grow to enlarge your heart

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