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The State of the Union, A Dress?

I usually steer clear of politics, but here is a nonpartisan scorch, inspired by Dr. Seuss and reading the news.

Senators look in the mirror,

And what do you think they see?

To them nothing could be clearer

“The President should be me!

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s

A painful oxymoron

They are occasionally aware,

That there might just be a war on. With that in mind, he puffs his chest,

Like a rooster in a coop

And express disdain for all the rest

As if they were fish poop.

There’s no need to legislate,

Or even pass a law

When you can all pontificate

And exercise your jaw.

There’s no need to build a school,

IF you can build a bomb

There’s no need to feed or clothe,

A vet, a child, or mom.

Farmers might go bust and fall

From too much or too little rain

But fundraising dinners are a ball!

Let’s build a useless plane!

Make sure you make a video clip,

That shows you brave and strong!

That shows that you can move your lip,

And string some fools along.

And what is better on TV--

And seen throughout the nation,

To get publicity for free

Than to have an investigation?

Investigate them north

Investigate them south

Investigate every tooth

In your opponent’s mouth!

Investigate investigations,

Or even selling beer

With disregard for reputations

Just cause your base to cheer!

The left investigates the right

The right investigates the left

You see it on the tube each night

Their screaming makes you deaf!

Why care that vets are hungry

Or the economy’s a mess,

When you can make folks angry

About a dude clad in a dress?

A wealthy writes a check

If you don’t tax the rich!

And if you cut still more, Oh heck—

You’ll cash in you son of a—


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