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The Wisdom in a Cheese Souffle

I made a cheese souffle

Which opened a whole avenue of thoughts.

Success is a souffle—

Good management is a souffle—

Parenting is a souffle.

To do it right, you have to break some eggs.

But the principal thing is to create a structure

The right mixture of form and lightness

On which it will rise.

But do not meddle

Resist the urge to micromanage

And leave the thing alone to rise!

If you interfere

Or make a sudden thud, it will flatten.

I have spent years trying to perfect my souffles

Just like I have been trying to perfect me.

In both cases, they appear to have improved some,

They seem to deflate less often and rise higher.

So it is with our children

The “eggs will break”

Events will whip them

But if we build a structure

And are patient,

They will rise.

One can also become deflated,

But the structure remains

And all the elements that make us who we are

Do not go away.

The same applies to leadership.

Build the structure

And allow others to rise

Without too much interference

Until A thing of beauty can emerge.

Provide the structure, include the right elements, season with patience

And watch them rise!

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