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Timepiece, Time, Peace

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

I have a very enjoyable hobby

I collect and fix watches

I am not good enough at it to fix other people’s watches

(Oh, how I would hate to ruin an heirloom!).

I have the tiny watch tools and magnifying loupe.

And it is relaxing--- timeless, really.

What makes it tick?

What makes us tick?

I think that the two are related

If one gear doesn’t work with another.

The watch won’t work.

And we both need to keep ticking.

I lose track of time while working on time.

So I collect them and fix them,

Including the old ruined ones that sat for decades in my Dad’s drawer.

Some are quality mechanical watches

Others are cheap ones that just require a new battery.

It struck me one day that perhaps my fascination with watches and clocks

Is at some level an attempt to set aside a treasury of time.

Knowing that we all have so little of it.

For example, my Dad is gone some years

But I got his watches to run again

Even the one he had when he was a little boy

Some eighty years ago.,

So, in a very quiet way

He entered into my time.

This has made me very careful to

Wind the mechanical watches every morning

Because I haven’t got enough time to lose a second.

Somehow, I think that it buys me time.

Time is for us what water is to fish

We swim in it

Our whole lives are spent in it

It wouldn’t occur to a fish to resent water

So, we can’t really resent time

We live in it, love in it, die in it

Build lives around it

And organize our memories to it.

And when we leave it

Our time is up

When my time is up,

A new battery won’t help

But I am always full of joy

To think that future hands will wind

At least one of my pocket watches.

Maybe the one with my wife’s picture. And so the watch becomes a real timepiece

It is a piece of time across time.

But I will live just a little bit

After I am gone

When new hands wind this watch.

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