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Wage Peace

From a lofty height, an angel looked down and remarked,

“These human creatures have a mind, a body, and a soul.

The one thing they are good at is waging war.

His companion angel remarked,

“The reason for this is simple,

It cannot achieve peace between its mind, its body,

And its soul in one just individual,

So is it any surprise that it can’t live in peace with other humans?

They organize themselves into tribes, nations, and factions,

They imagine that they are different from, and superior to, each other.

But they aren’t superior; they have the same flaws.

They lose sight that the human next to him

is also struggling to make peace

Between mind body and soul.

And so they kill each other.

One has to take the soul of another in hopes of filling the hole in his own soul.

Imagine what would happen if they applied that beautiful mind to cultivate that beautiful soul?

Then they would see the soul next to them as beautiful, too beautiful to kill,

And then would wage peace?”

Those are our better angels speaking.

So, let us each cultivate peace within and without,

Seeing the beauty of souls,

Make it contagious.

That is waging peace.

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