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What you do is you.

I was reflecting on legalism,

Mysticism, and humanity

Religion and irreligion

And what is sacred

In the secular context,

Tiptoeing around the thorny thatches of theologies

I neither understand nor particularly agree or disagree with.

I don’t really proselytize.

Because I have enough work to do on myself.

In my life there are those who carry orthodoxies

And those who would bury them.

And I can carry both in my heart.

God and I have our own relationship.

That is probably peculiar to us.

But hear O believer!

And listen O infidel!

Never let religion get in the way of your faith,

And never let your faith get in the way of your humanity.

Because you share the same holy spark.

Kindness is a currency accepted everywhere.

The most universal human coin is love.

And nobody is atheistic about love.

Like Heisenberg’s principle

Love may be perceived subjectively by the observer

But its results can be seen by all

As can its absence,

Which makes it so valuable.

Kindness is a secular prayer

Or a believer's sharing the divine.

Two solitudes can together create meaning for both.

But both would agree that what you do is you.

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