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Adventures in Either-Or Land

In Either-Or-Land, nothing is ever really as it seems,

Because it is all concrete (but it really isn't.)

It looks black or white, but it isn't and it is, but it is only sometimes gray.

Why do they always make truth a paradox? It makes me have to think!

But we live in Either-Or-Land.

It is said that--

You are either right or you are wrong.

("Can’t be both," they say.)

But we all know that “I” am right.

You are either honest like me or you are corrupt or perhaps stupid.

Okay, maybe you are not corrupt or stupid, but misguided and misinformed,

Unlike me, of course.

In Either-Or-Land, either you are either right, just like me,

Or stupid or evil, which I can never be.

But what if the truth is dialectic?

You are this (thesis);

I am the opposite (antithesis);

And the truth is something that springs from rubbing both together to make fire,

An enlightening fire in the mind-- a synthesis that is bigger and better than “either or?”

What if instead of black or white, the truth is like white marble,

streaked with black veins that not only are part of it,

But that define it and give it its timeless beauty.

What if the answer to your “no” and my “yes”

Is a shared “maybe,: and the right answer?

What if the question itself is the best available answer?

What if we are both right, but just looking through different windows in the same house?

Of looking at the same thing from different houses and windows?

And we look through different windows with different eyes?

And we look through the same windows at different times? Or, perhaps, the same thing from different lives.

What if “either or” is both? Or neither?

What if “either or” is not static, but an ever-flowing stream

That you can’t step in twice?

What if the answer to “either or” is “yes?”

But what if there is something beyond “either or?”

Meet me there.

And leave “either or” behind.

Maybe we’ll just listen to each other

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