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Authenticity is--a paradox.

Authenticity is--

To be rather than to merely seem;

To do rather than to only appear to do;

To wear a transparent mask where masks are required;

And to have no need of a mask at all.

A bird is authentic; it is always a bird. It looks like a bird because it is a bird.

A rock is authentic, it is always a rock, and behaves (or just sits) like a rock.

We seem to be the only creatures with issues with regard to authenticity.

And that is because we are creatures with choices beyond instinct. Our choices cloud our authenticity,

They cloud our ability to see ourselves,

Our duties can make us less authentic,

Yet we are authentic as we do our duties.

Until we choose to be authentic.

Authenticity is--

To know the difference between the role we must play

And the essence of who we are.

And to know that the stage on which we play such roles

Is transitory and an illusion.

And there is no more authentic moment,

Than our last.

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