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Blinded in Gaza

Shalom. Salaam.

Did you think that I was going to say something pro-Israeli or anti-Israeli?

Did you think that was going to say something pro-Palestinian or anti-Palestinian?

No, I am merely going to remind you of what the Hebrew scriptures tell—

That Gaza is the place where Samson was blinded,

Pulled down the pillars, and destroyed his surroundings.

Blindness, Gaza, and destruction seem to go together unfortunately.

Gaza is again a place of blindness and destruction.

No one is as blind who is one who hates,

Pulling down the shared pillars of humanity around him,


Open your eyes to love one another.

Bring the holiness of peace to the Holy Land,

Where unholiness reigns today.

The Holy Land will be holy when

Palestinian, Israeli, Arab, Jew, Gazan, and neighbor,

Sit together at the same table, smiling,

With wide open, twinkling eyes, laughing, and wide open with love, trust, and fellowship.

And putting up new pillars that support the sky that they all share.

No longer blind,

In Gaza

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