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Chicken Rochambeau: Cooking Elegantly without really being so skilled about cooking :)

I promsed some people, including my friend Joel Blackstock that I would post this.

Chicken Rochambeau-ish…my version of Chicken Rochambeau (sort of).

This is not the same as the real Chicken Rochambeau you might find in New Orleans at a fine restaurant like Antoine’s, but it is my version, and still mighty tasty and it always both pleases and impresses a guest. It isn’t so difficult to make and is more assembled than prepared. It looks so fancy that people will assume you are an expert chef. However, it is more engineering than art.

Cut an English muffin into halves, and then toast them until they are nice and brown and (optional) smear them with chicken liver pate (I buy an excellent one ready-made from Trader Joe’s ©) Now place a slice of smoked ham on top of that large enough to cover the English muffins. Then place sauteed mushroom and shallots with a touch of sherry to deglaze the pan. I also add a variety of mushrooms, including reconstituted European mushrooms or Shiitakes to this mixture.

On top of this, place a boneless chicken breast prepared in the following manner. Slice the chicken breast through and the thickest point to make two fillets. Pound the fillets flat. Cook them (I pan fry them) until completely cooked and brown. If you are feeling shamelessly decadent, you can even bread them as you would for fried chicken or a schnitzel. Who am I to judge?

Now cover that with bearnaise sauce. There are wonderful bearnaise sauce recipes online and it is easy to make: egg yolks, either lemon juice or white wine vinegar, melted butter, and tarragon.

Guests are always impressed by this. The flavor combination is cosmic! This is more advice than recipe.

But it tastes very good! It impresses friends, significant others and all kinds of people.

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