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Filling the Battery

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This was inspired by a conversation with a wonderful friend of mine

If we think of our emotions, our hearts, our very beings as running on energy,

There are too many things to suck out the energy.

To tire us and slow us down.

How do you recharge?

One is by giving to others,

Then you can fill yourself by emptying yourself and giving to another.

Truth always is a paradox.

By bit expending energy, you reenergize.

Another is by giving to yourself,

The gift of holy silence, of quiet, of a little bit of time and space

That belongs to no one else.

And equips you to resume giving to others.

Self-care is not selfishness,

Any more than eating is selfish.

You need to nourish your body,

So nourish your soul

And fill your battery. Sometimes even the Energizer Bunny needs to stop playing his drum..

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