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Human Champagne

So many times

The angry, the rude, the insolent, and the violent

Are not what they appear.

The external is not a picture of their character.

In some cases, they are what they appear

In other cases, they are human champagne.

What? Champagne is a luxury, something fine saved for special occasions.

These are people with whom I would prefer not to deal or associate.

Stop for a second and consider.

That champagne ferments in the bottle

The bubbles and pressure build up!

And the cork shoots out like a bullet.

Some things rush and bubble like a mountain river,

Because they are shallow,

But champagne takes a while.

But you will be surprised that there are people.

Who are as fine as champagne, though they appear unpleasant.

They just need to be listened to

To let the pressure out and stop building up.

And in listening, not always,

But sometimes,

What emerges is more priceless than champagne.

We think of a person who is angry or unpleasant,

As “angry” or” unpleasant”

When he or she is only sad

And needs your listening ear,

More than your approval.

I will grant you that there are, in fact, some bad people.

But in many cases, your listening will heal.

And the shortest path between two souls is through your ear.

And that, friend, is much finer than champagne,

And rarer and more prized.

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