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I am repurposed clay.

There was a potter who was famous throughout the land for his quality work.

Masterpiece after masterpiece came from his hands.

People thought that his potter’s wheel was magic.

Rulers of neighboring countries commissioned his works.

He had a young apprentice and decided to share his secrets.

“The secret is simple: when I make a mistake, I reuse the clay.

My mistakes never see the kiln, and so I am thought to be a genius.

A master is one who knows how to repurpose the clay,”

I am repurposed clay that gained my luster by passing through the fires of the kiln.

Countless times I smashed the incomplete work and rolled the clay into a new ball

Only to fashion something completely different.

So if there is anything beautiful in me,

It is the result of countless mistakes.

And passing through fire.

Only those who don’t know this,

Might mistake me for a masterpiece.

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