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It's My Indian Summer: Sixty-Seven Trips Around the Sun.

Updated: May 6, 2023

Tomorrow, 7 May is my birthday. I turn 67, but the overwhelming emotion I feel is of gratitude for a happy and blessed life, full of love and friendship, and new things to discover. I had some thoughts to share and here they are.

Sixty-seven times have I gone around the sun.

Is older so much wiser as it is conditioning?

What hurts and bruises teaches lessons that render us wiser.

Kindness is the polish that burnishes human relations and causes them to go.

As we grow older and sight grows dimmer, the light that comes from the shine of kindness,

Glows ever more brightly and is more beautiful in its changing hues.

Love becomes more precious as nature taps us on the shoulder,

As if to say, “This is the last act of this play,

A play that is drama, comedy, and farce all rolled up into one beautiful package that is light.

It seems that urgings of despair and pessimism are screaming at me,

But they dissipate before the optimism, hope, and warmth,

I see in the smile of a little child.

Part of the wisdom of age is realizing that it is not about human versus nature,

Or even nature

But to love and appreciate nature in age,

Means understanding and being subject to her laws.

I too am the tree that grows and flourishes,

(and I have even widened in girth with the years).

I have borne fruit and brought at least a little shade and beauty to some.

And my time ill end

But oh how lovely, oh how warm, oh how precious is this autumn light.

Friendships are deeper, thoughts quieter, and in this warmth before winter,

Love is not the fountain of youth,

But it is more delicious with age and it ages well, even if I don;t.

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