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Justice and Mercy.

Justice and Mercy.

The Psalmist says that the Lord is kind and merciful, slow to anger, and rich in kindness.

The Qu'ran tells us that God is the Merciful, the Compassionate

This would lead one to believe that mercy is divine.

Something greater than we are.

And justice is a human being thing.

But what is the “justice and mercy” thing?

Sometimes justice is recompense; Peter does something to Paul,

And Peter has to pay for it. Pure and simple.

But mercy is when Peter does something to Paul,

And Paul says, “I forgive you” or

“We are all struggling, I am not going to ask for much in return.”

The people who demand justice sometimes don’t consider mercy.

Those who ask for mercy are often trying to evade justice,

Often because they show no mercy themselves.

Justice and mercy are like vinegar and baking soda,

They fizzle and bubble until they achieve an equilibrium that stops the fizzing.

The equilibrium in this case is something called equity.

Sometimes, it is a syllogism:

Justice is the thesis;

Mercy is the antithesis; and

Equity is the synthesis.

Equity is justice and mercy, compassion, and adherence to what is right.

Equity may not be just or merciful but is actually fair.

Equity is what helps one get past the duality of justice and mercy.

To move on with an open heart.

I hope to be just and merciful,

Just to make sure that I treat others equitably.

And never lose the capacity for either justice or mercy

Toward others…and even more so toward myself.

Equity is fairness and proof of a love of justice.

But a heart capable of mercy.

Justice lives in the head,

Mercy lives in the heart,

And equity is wholeness.

Equity is seeing others honestly,.

Even more honestly than we see ourselves.

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