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Root and Branch

There was an unusually cold killing frost this winter.

Not typical in my subtropical home.

To the casual eye, the trees look entirely dead—

The leaves are brown, withered, and rattle in the wind.

Leaves and branches are dead; the frost killed them.

But upon closer look, a healthy green stalk is coming out of the ground

The start of a new tree.  Or perhaps a reincarnation of the old one.

This happened before and it grew until it was laden with fruit.

So the branches died, but the roots were strong.

Adversity can kill our branches. Our future can look bleak.

The branches we have built can wither.

But if you are rooted,

You will come back stronger than ever. 

It may take a while for others to see that,

But you know

And grow.

And bear fruit.

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