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The Catalyst for Courage

Courage is defined by converting fear into action.

The catalyst for this conversion is introspection—

Finding the heart, that steel in the soul and spine to go forward.

That goads you forward against headwinds of time and events.

The fear doesn’t go away.  It is just joined by a new awareness.

For some, opening the door and leaving home is an act of supreme courage;

For others, it is facing a brutal, heavily armed enemy in battle.

And for others, it is looking in the mirror and seeing past regret and earlier failure,

To press forward, knowing oneself, and searching, then finding that steel in the spine and heart.

Cowardice is not just the absence of bravery;

It is the very lazy lack of introspection to see whether there is any steel at all.

The brave are introspective, not fearless.

Courage is going inside and finding power you didn’t know was there’

To persist, to move forward, and to risk

In so doing, the steel in the spine is tempered.

It grows stronger until it breaks chains that hold you back.

Look inside and find what makes you  open the door and go outside.

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