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The Constancy of Change

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

The constancy of change

They say that you cannot step in the same river twice,

Because the river is always flowing,

Flowing right past your foot,

Whether you are there or not.

Life is about stepping into lots of rivers

And never do you step in the same river twice.

But turn this around.

It isn’t the same you who steps in the river,

For something new has been learned,

Has brought you joy,

Hurt you,

Changed your mind,

And rendered you different.

The many rivers we step in

Are those of the many roles and relationships we have,

Had, or will have.

And each is never the same.

Knowing this, we cannot judge.

We cannot judge even ourselves.

Because we may seem to have the same foot

But both the rivers and the person to whom the foot is attached

Will never be the same.

We can only see snapshots and episodes,

But the picture is being painted and the story is still being written.

And we never put the pen down,

Until our eyes close the last time.

But despite dark episodes

It is a beautiful story.

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