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The Human Spirit is Like the Moon

I was reading "Full Moon" by the great Chinese poet of the Tang period, Du Fu, and it led me to the following meditation.

The human spirit is like the moon.

It has its phases.

At times it is full and gives off light everywhere within its gaze.

Illumining dark corners.

At times, wounded, it retreats a bit, to seem half its size,

Wary, timorous, and doubting.

And then, sometimes at the weight of the world,

Lost loves, great griefs, and deep disappointment

It feels but a sliver like the “fingernail moon.”

But it doesn’t go away.

It waxes and wanes with the currents of life.

For it returns again, refreshed and renewed, casting its light across the darkness,

Shining and creating a path to walk new journeys.

It can never be the sun,

But it can ever reflect its light.

The light that brings it to life.

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2 ความคิดเห็น

Great poem! Deeply written and very relatable.



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