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The War Show

Updated: Mar 7

Watch the war show.

Imagine yourself sitting on a rock, above other rocks,

And watching two little lizards fight to the death over a bug to eat,

Or perhaps over a mate.

Or perhaps watching two little beetles locked in mortal conflict over a crumb.

Or two cats fighting over who gets to sit in a chair;

Or two politicians fighting over who gets to sit in a chair;

Or two nations fighting over a strip of land;

Or killing each other to see who can plant a flag on a rock;

(That unfortunately has people in it,

Or two religions of love killing  each other,

Or two egos creating empires,

From the heights, it is no different than the two lizards,

Although some beautiful souls get hurt.

From the heights it looks stupid, cruel, and a waste.

Wait, aren’t we the ones with the highly developed frontal cortex?

Never mind.

Look at it from the heights,

And leave the battle to the little lizards.

Unfortunately, we aren’t in the heights.

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