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What is frozen thaws.

What is frozen thaws.

We had a freeze, a frost that killed anything that wasn’t covered.

Trees lost their leaves; the garden perennials turned brown.

The little cats huddled around the clothes dryer vent,

where a welcome blast of warm air pierced the chill.

The birds noted the freeze and pecked greedily at the seeds we set out.

I live in a place where a freeze is relatively uncommon,

So it hits us hard and takes us by surprise.

(I was going to say that it takes us by storm, but that is an inane pun).

Our freeze lasted but a couple of days, whereas most of my friends have

 frozen ground for three or four months where they live.

But wherever one lives, some things do freeze. People freeze.

Loves and friendships, once so warm, sometimes freeze and their leaves turn brown.

They die, and we learn that they were not perennial.

Opinions and perceptions freeze and cease to grow,

Dialogue dies if it is not perennial.

Animosities of all kinds freeze the air between people and nations.

Only kindness and openness can create a thaw.

When the earth thaws, life springs forth everywhere and our hearts are joyful.

When human relations thaw, simple human goodness springs forth everywhere and our hearts are joyful.

But where the human freeze remains nothing grows, things dies, and nothing moves.

Hearts too seem to freeze.

Unlike nature’s thaw, we bear the warmth that melts the freeze.

Let us be agents of the thaw.What is frozen thaws, but it requires warmth,

The warmth you bear.

 What is frozen thaws.

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