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You are writing a life.

This is for my brave, beautiful, and wise Turkish daughters of the heart: Kevser, Seda, and Hatice. Bir hayat yazıyorsunuz. Günden güne. Satır satır. Hepinizi çok seviyorum== Baba J.F.

You are writing a life

Line by line day by day

Each setback or tragedy is only an episode,

But not even a chapter,

Let alone the story.

All the things that made you cry are the episodes.

Your reflection is the chapter,

But keep living, being, and writing,

Because the story ends when you close your eyes.

Never be defeated—the episode is not the story.

Never be satisfied—the chapter is not the story.

Endure, because you are the hero of your story.

Keep writing. Persist.

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