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The Five Virtues

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Master Konzi (Confucius) taught the Five Confucian virtues, which are )in order of importance: 1. kindness ren (仁), 2. righteousness (as in doing the right thing) (义),3 propriety (as in conforming to an accepted moral code) ; 4. li (理), wisdom or zhi (智) and faithfulness. being true to one's word or one'stasks xin (信), we may use the word "integrity."

First of the virtues is kindness

Kindness leads to doing the right thing.

Kindness leads to acceptable behavior;'

Kindness leads to being true to one's word.

Did I skip wisdom?

No, I did not.

Wisdom is knowing that kindness comes first. Make kindness your default setting,

And the rest will follow.

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